Winchester is a community consisting of both single family homes and townhomes. Our community boasts a large swimming pool, children's playground and tennis courts. There is a wonderful fishing lake highlighted by a fountain and lake side gazebo and benches. We are located off Capital Blvd near the belt line and I-540 outer-loop making Winchester convenient to locations throughout the Triangle.
Dear Homeowners,
Yesterday during an inspection in your community we noticed that of the many mailboxes and mailbox post were in need of cleaning, painting, or repair.  We wanted to bring this to your attention to remind you of the community guidelines regarding mailboxes.  
Per the Architectural guidelines which can be found on the Winchester HOA website under Documents—Architectural page 12, section J. Mailboxes.
Mailboxes should also have the house number on both sides so fire/police/ambulances are able to quickly find you in case of emergency.
J. MAILBOXES –(Below does not constitute the entire verbiage, please visit website to review entire document)
• All mailboxes must be black 10 7/8 h x 8 ½ w x 20 ¼ d. Available at: Lowes Home Improvement, Ace Hardware, and Capitol City Lumber, Post and Pickets
• All mailboxes must have brass bands securely attached – Available at: Capitol City Lumber or Post and Pickets
• Original installed post must be kept painted black with no rotting wood
We respectfully request you review your mailbox to make sure it is within the community guidelines.  We have included a picture found in your community as a good example showing the proper straps and color.  
Thank you on behalf of the Board of Directors and Towne Properties
Your Board for 2022
Nicole Lee
Michele Morris
Jeremy Morrison
Kris Prikazsky
Nick Aul
The budget for 2022 is also below.  Please be sure to review.  Assessments will not be going up this year.  

June 1, 2021
Dear Residents,
Towne Properties is open.  Please call a member of your team to schedule an appointment to ensure that there will be someone in the office when you arrive.
We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your community. 
Warm regards,
Your Towne Properties Management Team

Management Contacts:
Suzanne Sinoracki
Association Manager
919-878-8787 ext 7218
Teresa Majeed
Community Service Admin.
919-878-8787 ext 7233
Jasmine White 
Financial Manager
919-878-8787 ext 7210
Who do I reach out to with questions:
Architectural Applications- Your Community Service Admin. for your property.
Clubhouse Rental Applications- Your Community Service Admin. for your property.
Pool access or rules- Your Community Service Admin. for your property.
Realtor Questions- Please refer your realtor to the realtor disclosure form and to  If they need further assistance contact Your Assistant Manager or the Administrator for your property.
Violation Questions- Your Community Service Admin. for your property.
General Questions- Your Community Service Admin.for your property.
Balance or account questions- The Financial Manager for your property.
Change of address or account information changes- Visit the cafe site where you are able to make all of these changes.  If you need assistance reach out to your Community Service Admin. for your property.
Payment Plans or Collections- Your Financial Manager or the attorney (if your account has been sent to the attorney)
**If you do not get an answer from the Community Service Admin. for your property within 48 hours  then please contact the Association Manager.
**If you do not get an answer from the Financial Manager for your property within 48 hours then please contact the Accounting Manager

Community Cafe'
Community Cafe' Registration Instructions
Ways To Pay
Numbers to Remember:
Emergency 911
City Information 919.996.3000
Animal Control Dispatch 919.831.6311
Fire Prevention 919.996.6392
Garbage/Recycling 919.996.6890
Police Information Desk 919.996.3335
Pothole repair 919.996.6446
Power outage (Duke Energy) 800.419.6356
Public Nuisance 919.996.2444
Public Works 919.996.3030
Sidewalks 919.996.3030
Stormwater/drainage 919.996.3940
Streetlight outage/repair 919.508.5400
Trees 919.996.4115
Utility Billing 919.890.3245
Water/Sewer Emergencies 919.996.2737
Yard Waste Center 919.250.2728