Meet your 2021 Board Nominees
Agatha Castellano Zedonek was born in the Philippines and immigrated over to the USA with her family in the early 90s. She was raised in Pensacola Florida where she earned, her B.S. in Hospitality Management from the University of West Florida. After graduation, she served in the Job Corps program as a recreation assistant for the youth that were in the program. Agatha then moved to Mobile AL. where she served as a business manager for an exceptionally large luxury apartment complex. The complex consisted of over 320 units that Agatha had to manage and maintain while she worked there. She is a proud mother of two 5-year-old twin boys and works at New Hope Baptist Preschool as a teacher assistant. Her husband is a country club manager in the Raleigh area, and they have been in Winchester for over a year now. She loves the neighborhood and looks forward to serving her local community in any way she can. 
Kris Prikazsky
I am Kris, grew up in NY, moved to California after college and moved to Raleigh in 2016. In 2016 I met my now wife, Kira (married in 2018). We have 2 dogs, Koda (Husky/Lab) and Desmond (Yorkie). We moved to the neighborhood in March of 2017 and have loved it. Kira is a teacher at Cardinal Charter Academy in Cary and I work for Cisco and work mostly from home (especially now). We like to travel and camp a lot with my main hobbies being hunting and fishing and anything sports related.
I have grown to know a lot of people in the neighborhood whether it being people walking by, neighbors, being at the pool, Nextdooor or other various meetings and have relished and enjoyed the community feel. We live on the corner by the pool so we see a lot and as we back right up to the pool so we see all the interactions taking place there and in the past (and recently) we have seen some things that make us a little nervous and we want to help make changes to make this a safer place and an overall great place for all. There are a lot of younger kids and families and we plan to be here for a while so we would like to be part of making this an even greater community for all in Winchester.
Michele Morris
I’ve lived in Winchester for 23yrs and raised both my children here. While living in Winchester, I helped start the Winchester Waves swim team, advocated for the picnic shelter at the pool and was one of the first members of the architectural committee plus started some of the social activities that are still going on today, Easter egg hunt.  During the past 23 yrs, I have sold real estate and have been on many of the committees in the neighborhood. I really love Winchester and all it has to offer. It’s a great community with wonderful friendly people. The convenience to shopping and downtown is fabulous. This is why I find our neighborhood perfect.  Great people, wonderful amenities it has to offer and convenience.
Nick Aul
I have lived in the neighborhood for 13+ years.  For 15+ years, I have worked in a team-based manufacturing shop which has given me the opportunity to take on challenging leadership roles.  This has allowed me to build a strong, well-balanced approach to working towards group consensus.  My primary job function has been process engineering with the challenge of driving effective change within our diverse and talented workforce.  Everyone has a voice and decisions are best when a consensus is reached.  Due to this teaming work culture, I have also had the unique opportunity to work across many aspects of our corporation including human resources, quality assurance, and environmental health and safety to name a few.  Outside of work I have served 10 years on our parish council.  I enjoy my family/friends, our neighbors, various forms of craftsmanship, and certainly swimming.  If given the opportunity to serve on our board, I believe the above skills will help in maintaining and further improving an already wonderful neighborhood.  I also thank the neighbors who nominated me for your show of faith in me.
May 26, 2020
There was an error with the printing of the 2020 pool cards. The address on the back of the card may be incorrect. Please do not panic, the Board, Towne and the pool company are aware of this issue and as long as you have a purple 2020 pool pass, you will have no problem gaining access to the pool.
Please continue to visit this Community website for updates.
Thank you for your patience and understanding!
  • The Pool Hours will be from 12pm-8PM each day until further notice.  An attendant will be at the pool in the afternoons during the week and 12-8 on the weekends.
  • You are using the pool at your OWN RISK.
  • Please follow all social distancing requirements and follow the maximum occupancy requirements at the pool.  If all of the rules are NOT followed the pool WILL BE SHUT DOWN.
  • Please note there will be a limit of people allowed in the pool and another limit for people allowed on the pool deck.
  • Please be considerate.  If you have been at the pool for a few hours and see people waiting to get into the pool please consider leaving to allow others to also be able to enjoy the pool.  To make this work, you will have to all work together and we want everyone to be able to enjoy time at the pool.
  • If you feel sick with COVID-19 or any other illness or have a Fever, please STAY HOME.
  • The HOA will do everything in its power to keep sanitizer and sanitizing wipes at the pool.  Please come prepared with your own supplies in case the HOA is not able to keep these supplies in stock.
  • There will be no pool furniture at the pool this season. Pool users will be expected to use their own chairs at the pool to limit the amount of cross contamination.
  • The maximum amount of people allowed at the pool will be listed on the sign on the front gate.  Please be considerate to other users.  Everyone will be anxious to use the pool so please work together so that all can enjoy the pool this summer.
  • NO guests will be allowed at the pool until all social distancing limits are lifted.  The pool will be for Winchester and Renaissance residents ONLY.
  • Items left at the pool will be discarded at the end of the day.
  • No pool toys will be allowed in or around the pool including floats and pool noodles.  Safety equipment is allowed.
  • You must be current in your assessments and in good standing to use the pool.
  • You may not share access cards. Violators will lose pool privileges for the current pool season.  
  • Please remember that per Wake County Code., NO GLASS IS PERMITTED.
  • You will need your 2020 Pool card after June 1st.  The pool cards are currently in the mail.  You must have a photo ID to enter the pool.  There is a $25 replacement  charge for a pool card and a $10 charge for a pool key.
Enjoy and have a safe summer!
Friday, May 15, 2020
Dear Residents,
Towne Properties will remain closed to outside visitors until further notice.  We have placed a drop box outside of our office doors, 8305 Falls of Neuse Road, Suite 200, Raleigh, for homeowners to utilize if necessary.  However, we encourage you to email items to your management team whenever possible.  All meetings should be held remotely via conference calls, voting by email, or virtually.  Please continue to contact your management team directly for assistance. 
We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your community. 
Warm regards,
Your Towne Properties Management Team
Winchester is a 292 community consisting of both single family homes and townhomes. Our community boasts a large swimming pool, children's playground and tennis courts. There is a wonderful fishing lake highlighted by a fountain and lake side gazebo and benches. We are located off Capital Blvd near the belt line and I-540 outer-loop making Winchester convenient to locations throughout the Triangle.
Management Contacts:
Suzanne Sinoracki
Association Manager
919-878-8787 ext 7218
Towanda Moorefield
Community Service Admin.
919-878-8787 ext 7233
Estrees Marshall
Financial Manager 
919-878-8787 ext 7222
Community Cafe'
Community Cafe' Registration Instructions
Ways To Pay
Numbers to Remember:
Emergency 911
City Information 919.996.3000
Animal Control Dispatch 919.831.6311
Fire Prevention 919.996.6392
Garbage/Recycling 919.996.6890
Police Information Desk 919.996.3335
Pothole repair 919.996.6446
Power outage (Duke Energy) 800.419.6356
Public Nuisance 919.996.2444
Public Works 919.996.3030
Sidewalks 919.996.3030
Stormwater/drainage 919.996.3940
Streetlight outage/repair 919.508.5400
Trees 919.996.4115
Utility Billing 919.890.3245
Water/Sewer Emergencies 919.996.2737
Yard Waste Center 919.250.2728